Sohema for Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services Case Management Software

Sohema is a flexible, easy to use Health and Human Services case management software solution for organizations of all kinds.  We have modules configured to meet the needs of many types of Health and Human Services programs and can easily enhance those configurations or add new ones to meet your organization’s specific business requirements.

Sohema and Pathways Modules

This is a list of some of the Sohema and Pathways modules we have available:

  • Adoptions Management
  • Adoptions Matching
  • Child and Family Services
  • Child Protection
  • Community Health
  • Wellness and Mental Health
  • Native Justice
  • Student Management
  • Third Party Liability Recovery
  • Medicaid Cost Avoidance
  • Medicaid Disability Case Preparation

For more details go to the Focus Areas page to see the Health and Human Services case management modules supported by Sohema.