Case Management Software

Purpose-Built Case Management Software

Sohema (Social & Health Management Software) is purpose-built case management software for health and human services agencies. It collects information involved at each stage of the caselife cycle.  It provides the tools that you need to perform your daily work and planning, as well as the measurements every organization is challenged to deliver.

As a Purpose built case management software solution, Sohema provides a workflow that fits with how case workers need to interact with a system to track their activities.

Software with People as the Focus

Sohema was designed with two objectives: first, to recognize that the person should always be the focus of activity; second, that successful outcomes can only be realized by understanding all the relationships and layers of interaction within the wider community and beyond. This design provides a number of distinct advantages, including:

  • The client is placed at the centre of the case management system model
  • The case management system is modelled on best practice for service delivery which focuses on the services that would best benefit the client and their situation.

Sohema is a powerful, flexible tool because it is highly configurable to the unique processes and outcome reporting needs of any organization or program need. Being easy to configure and use greatly enhances the results you can expect to see, including:

Software for Planning, Outcomes and Services
  • Improving employee and agency accountability
  • Increasing the accuracy of client information records
  • Streamlining service delivery
  • Improving the quality of information kept on client and case files
  • Minimizing duplication of data entry
  • Being less reliant on paper files and reducing paperwork
  • Automating repetitive processes like client intake and assessments
  • Demonstrating performance to secure and protect accreditation and funding