Company Name Change from TP Systems to Avocette

November 13, 2014

BC Company Avocette Charts New Course in Global IT Services Industry With a New Name and New Look

TP Systems Consults With National Clients, Staff and Branding Experts During In-Depth Process

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Nov. 13, 2014) - After nearly 40 years as TP Systems, the Victoria/New Westminster-based IT services company is setting a new course as Avocette with the new name and brand being launched today.

Avocette is well-established as a successful and growing force in the nearly $1-billion BC IT service industry. Staking their claim in the competitive IT services sector, Avocette has built a solid client base throughout North America with their excellent reputation for client care.

Their new name emphasizes this focus by combining the verb "advocate," which connects to the company's long history of advocating for clients, and references to the Avocet, a local shorebird that is naturally independent and acts collectively in response to challenges.

"We believe that our personable touch on IT service and excellent products are distinctive," said Scott Ross, CEO of Avocette. "We collaboratively work with our clients to produce quality solutions to both support and enhance their IT systems."

The new name isn't just a shiny new coat for the company. Since 2004 the company has effectively developed and grown their Managed Services division, opening up offices in Victoria, Vancouver, China, and the US. This past year they launched Product Integration which involved partnering with three best-of-breed software product companies across North America. These new software partnerships will allow the company to further expand in the US and to provide new software solutions to a different segment of the public sector market.

"These partnerships are driving a lot of new business and combined with more activity in our traditional services offerings, marking a significant growth period for us. This growth has recently fueled the need for multiple job postings in Victoria and in the Lower Mainland," said Ross. "The company is evolving and the timing is right for a new brand and name that reflects where we are going."

Development and design work for the new brand was led by Victoria marketing firm Upanup Studios and incorporated feedback from Avocette clients and staff.

About Avocette

Avocette is a leading provider of IT products and services to public sector clients across Canada and the US. Avocette specializes in providing Managed Services, Product Integration, Consulting and IT Staffing to our clients. By leveraging technical and business skills from employees across Canada and the US and developing key best-of-breed software partnerships, Avocette provides clients with superior solutions. For more information visit

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