Match vs Search in Adoption Management Systems Workshop at NACAC

June 24, 2013

TP Systems is excited to be attending the 2013 NACAC conference in Toronto, Canada from August 7-10. As part of our participation at the conference Jeff Michaud and Cathy Deluca from TP Systems will be co-presenting with Noelle Burke and Belinda Fernandes from the Adoption Council of Ontario.

Their presentation "Importance of Match vs Search in Adoption Management Systems" will provide details on why matching provides improved placement outcomes for adoptions.

"We are very excited that Adopt Ontario has asked us to co-host a presentation with them at the conference and look forward to sharing with other adoption agencies the success story from Adopt Ontario", indicated Scott Ross, CEO of TP Systems.

Please plan to attend this interesting presentation on August 10 from 10:45 to 12:15 in room 7Jand visit us at our booth to get more information on TP Systems and the solutions we offer for adoptions agencies.

Learn more about the Adoption Case Management features and the Matching Engine of Sohema.

Details regarding the conference are located on the NACAC Conference Website.