Adoptions Management Services

Sohema is an easy to use, cost-effective, secure web-based adoptions management software solution for adoption agencies. Sohema provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage and track a wide range of adoption agency activities, including registration, matching, placement and the ability to track both domestic adoption services to both Adoptive and Birth parents, as well as international adoption services for Adoptive Parents.

The module includes:

  • Sophisticated and configurable Matching Engine
  • International Adoptions
  • Domestic Adoptions
  • Birth Family History
  • Adoptive Family History
  • Tracking Legal Process for Domestic Adoptions
  • Tracking international adoption portfolios for Adoptive families
  • Adoption Counselling Services
  • Adoption Fees
  • Electronic Document Management

Improving Adoption Outcomes through Intelligent Matching Technology

Matching is the process of bringing together a child in need of adoption with qualified prospective parents. It is an important stage prior to arriving at an adoption decision.

Matching involves choice — a choice that may forever alter a child’s life and that of an adoptive family. It is a responsibility typically assumed by a team of professionals dedicated to the protection and well-being of children, including psychologists, social workers and jurists.

Matching is a serious and complex task that may result in negative consequences for both an adoptive family and child if an unsuitable match is made.

Learn more about our matching engine and how it can improve your adoption outcomes.