Sohema Features


Sohema Features make it a Secure Web Based Integrated Case Management System. Built to parallel case management best practices, Sohema’s core product offering includes a large number of features and includes functionality for users at every level of the organization. Through configuration, each group of users in an organization will be able to view and update only the information relevant to the work that they do.

Core product features are divided into 6 main categories:

  • Person Management
  • Organization Management
  • Case Management
  • Administration Toolset
  • Security and Privacy
  • Reporting

In addition, the following functionality is included automatically with every implementation:

  • Client/Person and Household Information
  • Referral and Wait Lists
  • Intake, Screening and Assessments
  • Case Notes and Documents
  • Service Planning, Goals and Outcomes Measurement
  • External Referrals
  • Financial – Fee for Service Billing and A/R
  • Tasks and Notifications
  • Operational and Management Reporting
  • Service and Location Management

Sohema offers considerable out-of-the-box functionality such that it can be configured to a wide-variety of case management situations, as a best-of-both worlds approach. The application is delivered with pre-built templates comprising best practices, data components and process workflows for all common case management functions.

Integrated Case Management

  • Automates the entire life cycle of a client from referral, through screening, risk/needs assessment, service delivery, discharge, re-entry, and aftercare.
  • Improves identification and management of clients.
  • Creates a standard assessment for clients which generates a profile of support needs, assigns each client to an intensity of need level, and prioritizes access to available resources
  • Includes a case planning module to create client goals and monitor progress
  • Develops a system of oversight, monitoring, and supervision of services throughout the system to ensure compliance with agency standards and practices.
  • Records services provided to clients, including those provided by third parties
  • Streamlines the flow of information through tasks and reminders
  • Provides a number of automated assessment tools
  • HIPAA and MITA compliant