Technical Overview


As a pure web-based application, Sohema can be easily deployed in a central location and accessed securely anywhere, anytime from a browser as a software service. The Sohema case management system has been designed to optimally provide:

  • Flexibility – To be adaptable to a wide variety program needs
  • Scalability – To be capable of supporting thousands of users across multiple locations
  • Security – To reliably protect valuable, confidential information
  • Affordability – To enable low cost-of-ownership over the life of the system
  • Usability – To allow users to be productive and efficient

Framework-based Design

Sohema’s design is highly modular based on a framework of components. Sohema’s framework enables rapid configuration of business rules, workflows, user interfaces, integration processes and more. The flexible and powerful framework is highly secure, supporting HIPAA and MITA security and confidentiality requirements.

Configuration Environment

Sohema’s framework provides core, out-of-the-box functionality common to multi-program health and human services enterprises. It also includes tools for configuring variable elements to make the solution extensible to any health and human services program. The powerful configuration environment enables an organization to implement and adapt Sohema quickly and easily. Sohema is also cost-effective to configure because it does not have the redundant overhead frameworks based on ERP and CRM business processes and data models.

Microsoft .NET Platform

Sohema’s underlying technology platform includes components for database services, identity/security services, document management and reporting. Microsoft’s .NET platform offers a solid world-class track record for secure, scalable, high-performance and economical web-based computing. Sohema leverages .NET’s Windows Communication Foundation, SQL Server Reporting Services and Windows Workflow Foundation.

The Technology

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
  • .NET 3.5
SQL Server 2008 R2

Web Browser Compatibility

Sohema is a web based solution meaning that you can access your case management information from wherever your workers are located. Sohema has been tested and is compatible with all standard internet browsers on the market including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.