Human services organizations are challenged for infrastructure dollars – funders typically are requiring organizations to implement additional reporting and accountability measures with a smaller portion of the overall budget than ever before.

With every customer engagement, our goal includes not only providing the software, but a successful implementation – by ensuring the organization has sufficient skill and expertise in using the software to ensure future success. In order to ensure that this happens, our philosophy is to work in collaboration with our customer to develop a plan that includes an implementation of Sohema that meets the organization’s needs, and the tools to manage the subsequent changes to the organization’s business processes, policies and procedures, and administrative processes.

As one of the first steps in an implementation project, a fit assessment Sohema for the organization, their programs, administrative procedures and what their goals are with respect to implementing a case management system is done. Sohema is a product and not a custom implementation; this analysis enables our team to determine the additional configuration requirements for Sohema that meet the goals of the organization and have the least impact on business process change. The result is a set of configuration requirements for Sohema as well as a change management plan for the organization.

The Sohema project team then works closely with the customer project team throughout the project to ensure that the resulting implementation meets the goals set forth at the outset of the project and that the customer organization has the knowledge and capacity to support the organization and their users successfully.