Child and Family Services

Sohema Child and Family Services software modules encompass the spectrum of social services provided to children and families. They include Child Protection and Foster Care, Foster Resource and Funder Management, Assessments, Service Delivery and others.

Building on the strength of Sohema’s General Case Management  Functionality, the Child and Family Services software modules provides a comprehensive and accountable case management tool that supports the often difficult challenge of providing ‘helping services’ to children and families.

Family Preservation & Reunification

This module provides the functionality for community based, family oriented services intended to prevent out-of-home placement or to reunite children with their families, often side-by-side with child protection services.

The module includes the ability to manage and report on:

  • Referral Information
  • Family and Child Functioning Assessments
  • Associated Service Referrals Management and Tracking
  • Supervised Visits
  • One-to One Support for Children & Youth
  • Mediation Services
  • Specialized Therapy
  • Parent Education programs
  • Templates for written case progress reports

Mediation Services

Parent-Teen Mediation programs provide creative and effective formats for parents and teens to come together and resolve their problems. Pathway’s mediation module allows workers to track activities related to mediation activities and report on the outcomes.

The module includes:

  • Referral Details
  • Presenting Issue Assessment
  • Tracking specific topics addressed in mediation sessions.
  • Closing Assessment (evaluation of the progress made on the topics addressed in mediation sessions)

Clinical Counseling Services

The clinical counseling services module allows agencies the ability to track a wide variety of counselling services. These can include individual or group sessions. Services may include therapeutic counselling, play therapy sessions, and many other types of clinical counseling sessions.

The module includes:

  • Referral and wait list management
  • Assessment tools
  • Case Evaluation and Review
  • Fee for Service financial management

Adoption Services

Adoption functionality includes the ability to track both domestic adoption services to both Adoptive and Birth parents, as well as international adoption services for Adoptive Parents.

The module includes:

  • Birth Family History
  • Adoptive Family History
  • Matching Engine for Domestic Adoptions
  • Tracking Legal Process for Domestic Adoptions
  • Tracking international adoption portfolios for Adoptive families
  • Adoption Counselling Services

Family Education and Prevention Group Programs

This module provides the functionality for an agency to manage service provision for services offered primarily in group formats. Participants can have a case for individual services and be participating in group services.

The module includes:

  • Group Administration and reporting
  • Group Referrals
  • Group Survey tools and reporting
  • Individual Case Management