Child Protection

The child protection software module provides functionality for a human services organization responsible for child protection. Functionality includes:

  • Intake – tracking reports of suspected child abuse, including investigation and assessments Child Protection – for tracking service provision to the parents with children-in-care, including assessments, case plans, etc.
  • Child-In-Care – for tracking details of children who have been taken into care, including, apprehension details, legal process details, foster placement details and child development assessments.
  • Foster Resource Management – module to track the eligibility of foster resources (person and organization) and provide a registry for placement of children-in-care.
  • Financial Management – functionality to track and report on the expenses incurred on behalf of children-in-care; including payments to foster resources as well as invoicing/reporting to funders for expense recovery.

Child Protection

The Child Protection software module has been designed to ensure compliance with legislation as well as accountability in terms of practice management for services to families whose children have been apprehended and are in foster care. Included is functionality to manage and track service delivery from the initial report of a child protection concern to its resolution.

The module includes:

  • Intake (Report of Child Protection Concern)
  • Investigation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Family and Child Development Assessment
  • Parental Services Agreements (goals, activities and progress)


Once children have been apprehended and placed in foster care each will have their own file to track the service delivery. Linked to the family’s child protection file, the agency workers can track a child’s path through the child protection system and record all activities during that time.

The module includes:

  • Child Development Assessments
  • Apprehension Information
  • Legal Process Activities (including production of legal forms and tracking court dates)
  • Placement Information
  • Financial Information (maintenance expenses paid on behalf of the child-in-care)

Foster Resource Management

Included in the child and family services module is the ability to manage and track Foster Resources from initial application and approval through to placement of children in the resource. The module includes:

  • Application & Home Study
  • Foster Resource Annual Review
  • Bed Management
  • Notes and Reporting

Funder & Financial Management

Pathways integrates maintenance payments made on behalf of a child-in-care with both program funders and foster resources. Organizations identified as program funders are identified for each child-in-care. Payments made on behalf of the child-in-care can then be reported to the funding agency each month for reimbursement, allowing for tracking not only of expenses, but ensuring that payments are reimbursed by the funder.

The module includes:

  • Child-In-Care Expense Management
  • Funder Information
  • Funder Invoice Information
  • Funder Revenue Information